Family package

In the 17th century, Dukes of Courland loved to hold festivities at Kuldīga Castle, one of their residences in the rich city. There are many historic references to weddings of the Dukes. On 30 September 1645, Duke Jacob Kettler married Princess Louise Charlotte of Brandenburg in Königsberg, but on 23 October the newlyweds arrived in Kuldīga, where a feast and celebration took place for seven days. The Duke took the greatest joy in the hippodrome that was built in the courtyard. There, Jacob showed himself as the best rider.

The ancient mill of the German Baron von Hahn has now been transformed into a place where city dwellers can take a rest from the noise and daily worries. Guest house “Mazsālijas” embodies the true kindness, sincerity and hospitality of Kurzeme natives. It is a place with its own soul, aura and feel. There, embraced by nature, anyone can recover the harmony of body and mind and finally truly be, feel and breathe. 

The offer includes:
- Family suite, consisting of two separate rooms, each room can comfortably accommodate 2 people (2 adults and 2 children),

- Breakfast,

- Deer garden visit and deer feeding,

- Boat or catamaran rental,

- Children’s playground,
- Playground with different games,

- Children’s corner with different homemade games,

- Free parking,

- Wi-Fi,

- 10% discount for a ride with the Goldingen Train in Kuldīga (from May to October),

- 10% discount on pizza at the Goldingen Room family restaurant.


EUR 86 / family (2 adults and 2 children up to 10 years) 

Additional activities:
Information is available on nearby sights and attractions.


Guest house “Mazsālijas”, Snēpeles pagasts, Kuldīgas novads, LV – 3328

Telefons: +371 22003744, +371 29411497 

E-pasts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Edole Castle

In Kuldīga, local trade was the most important one, but before the 18th century, external trade played an important role as well. Historic documents contain references to various export items such as cereals, meat, butter, lard, leather, wax, honey and vodka. In times of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, just like in the times of the Order, the trading route led through Ēdole.

Ēdole Medieval Castle is the only remaining castle of the Bishopric of Courland which is still inhabited. The castle was built during the years 1264-1276. Originally it had two parallel residential sections, connected by a stone wall. In the middle of the Southeast wall, there was a gate tower. Thus, the courtyard was enclosed and the complex was a safe haven for its residents.

The offer includes:
- Accommodation in the castle for 2 people,

- Breakfast,

- Tour of the Medieval Castle Museum,

- Surprise from the Castle. 

EUR 150 / 2 persons 

Additional activities: bicycle rental 


 pils, Ēdole, Ēdoles pag.,Kuldīgas novads, LV-3310


Maras manor - a different way to enjoy the countryside. Art, culture and history

Enjoy the romantic side and historical feeling of a small baroque manor house during your stay at Maras Manor. “Fall in love” with Goldingen (Kuldiga),the pearl of Courland. Discover the beauty of castles and manors in Kuldiga region and their fascinating history on your tours through old Hanseatic area.

Maras manor was first mentioned in the 16th century as a Livonian knight s manor. The nowadays existing baroque manor house was built in 1750. but its basement and the cellar as well as the 600 years old oak tree in the park go back to the very beginning of the manor in the 16th century and are witnesses of all the wars and peace periods till today.

The offer includes:

- 3 nights accommodation;

- Breakfast;

- Guided bus tours:
Tour Nr. 1 Kuldiga, Museum & vicinity. Castles Pelci and Padure

Tour Nr. 2 Manor sightseeing & Jurkalne coast (Castles Laidi, Katzdanga, Snepele , Edole, Ivande and Jurkalne) 

235 EUR/ person 

Additional activities: bicycle rental

NB!! Requirements: minimum 6 participants for painting courses and tours



Maras Manor, Turlavas pagasts, Kuldigas novads, LV -3329, Latvia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Mob. 00371/ 26376974


Enjoy the essence of  rustic benefit of Courland!

Kuldīga’s trading routes stretched far across the Baltic Sea, in some cases reaching the North Sea. Due to the intensive trade, the city of Kuldīga recovered quickly from wars, plagues and fires in the 17th century. The description of inventory drawn up on 29 September 1341 shows that crops were initially gathered in the small castles of the Kuldīga commandry and were collected as farmers’ tax to the Order.

Padure Manor is the only 3-storey barn built in Latvia in the 18th century. The 2nd floor of the authentic building hosts the Rural Life Museum of the 18th–21st century, and a restaurant on the 1st floor offers Latvian national food and home wine tasting while listening to music performed by a local accordionist.

The offer includes:
- Master of the Barn’s lunch (3-course meal),

- Guided tour of the Museum,

- Home wine tasting (5 varieties),

- Possibility to take pictures of the Museum exhibits.

EUR 16 / person

Attention: Visits must be pre-booked one week in advance. The Barn is closed from November to April. 


Klēts, Padures pagasts, Kuldīgas novads, LV-3321, Tel.: +371 29753278


Romantic Goldingen

Do you know what makes Kuldīga special? It is the buildings that live through several generations – their doors, decorations and windows. In Kuldīga, every old house has an individually designed exterior door, and each door usually has a decorative skylight grid. One can experience the ancient atmosphere of Kuldīga by staying in the old town.

The small and cosy accommodation called ‘2 Baloži’ (‘2 Pigeons’) is situated in the centre of the historic Kuldīga old town. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the big breakfast buffet at 2 Baloži. Besides, it is close to all the wonderful historic sights of the town.

The offer includes:
- Accommodation for 2 people in a historic building,

- Breakfast on the Goldingen Room restaurant terrace,

- Ticket for a ride in Kuldīga with the GOLDINGEN TRAIN (from May to October),

- 20% discount at the Goldingen Room family restaurant. 

EUR 60 / 2 persons 

Additional activities: bicycle rental, city tours 


Pasta iela 5, Kuldīga, LV-3301, Latvija


Aizpute winery visit and accommodation in Berghof (Milk manor) 

Aizpute Winery offers unique local wine tasting. During visit you can taste different wine flavor, fragrance and color nuances. The shadowy cellar of the estate is a great place to hear about how homemade wine is made. You can taste rhubarb, black currant and strawberry wine along with local goodies such as cheese.

Aizpute Winery in collaboration with the association " Kurzeme local products" offers the opportunity to taste the local traditional delicacies of home compounds : freshly baked Latvian rye bread , cheese, jams and other benefits .

In Berghof (Milk manor) you will be taken back to  childhood happiness - in the Milk Manor Berghof we always keep milk in a high position reminding on its values at every thought, deed or attitude.

The offer includes:

Accommodation in Double room with breakfast
- glass of warm milk before bed,
- morning swim in Masters bath swimming pool until 11.00.
- parking
- 2 baths on choice for package
    Pure country milk bath
    Beer bath
    Milk and honey bath
    Rose and milk bath
    Amber and milk bath
- Aizpute winery visit and wine tasting

160 EUR/ 2 persons 

Additional activities: Milk Museum visit

NB!! Advance reservation required 


Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads, Latvija, LV-3325



Hansa bicycle Tours in Kuldiga    

In the early period of the Duchy of Courland, Dutch merchants settled in Kuldīga, but in the 17th century, historic documents often included references to merchants of Lübeck in Kuldīga and merchants of Kuldīga in Lübeck. Kuldīga not only had very close commercial ties with Lübeck, which was the largest Hanseatic city at the time, but also kinship ties among the population. Perhaps these ties are still alive today through the love of bicycles. Each year in May, Kuldīga brings together several thousands of cyclists, who join together for a cycling marathon.

The offer includes:

- Complimentary coffee/tea with a slice Latvian Rye bread and honey upon arrival

- One night for 2 in a double/ Twin room with bathroom incl. shower/toilet

- Breakfast for 2

- Bicycle rent for 2

- Bicycle route/junction map of the area around 

Additional activities: Lunch and dinner

NB!! Advance reservation required 


Baznīcas iela 17, Kuldīga, LV-3301, Latvija
Tālrunis / Fakss: +371 63322259;
Mobilais tālrunis: +371 29334403;
E-pasts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These packages are part of the project HANSATOUR which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).